In the Word

As we continue our two year program of reading through Today's Light Bible,

here are the answers to last weeks questions (Daniel 7 through Hosea 6):


How did Daniel know that Jerusalem would lie destroyed for 70 years?


Daniel knew Jerusalem would lie in ruins for 70 years because he had read about it from the book of Jeremiah (Daniel 9:2).


What names was Hosea to give to the second and third child he had with Gomer, and what do those names mean?


The names God told Hosea to give the 2nd and 3rd child he had with his wife Gomer were Lo-Ruhamah, which means "Not loved," and Lo-Ammi which means "Not my people" (Hosea 1:6-9) God was letting the people of Israel know that as long as they continued to rebel against him this was how God would treat Israel.



Our Bible reading continues with Week 68: Hosea 7 through Joel 1.


According to the word of God recorded by Hosea, what was Ephraim doing with the altars they had built for sin offerings?


What were the people of Ephraim boasting about that they felt would save them from their sins?