In the Word

As we continue our two year program of reading through Today's Light Bible,

here are the answers to last weeks questions (Jeremiah 3 through Jeremiah 14):


Because the false prophets in Judah spoke lies about the Lord, what was God going to make the words that came out of Jeremiah mouth?


God was going to make his words a fire coming out of the mouth of Jeremiah and this fire would consume the people it was proclaimed to (Jeremiah 5:14).


The people of Judah were saying that they were wise because they had God's, but what does God say the scribes were doing with that law of God? Where do we see this same thing happening at the time of Martin Luther? Where do we see this happening today?


The people thought they were wise because they had God's word but the lying pen of the scribes had handled God's word falsely (Jeremiah 8:8) We see this happening at the time of Marin Luther with the Roman Catholic church saying that a person could buy an indulgence to free them from their sins and get them into heaven. We see it happening still today with churches that claim things such as baptism does not save a person or living together outside of marriage is not a sin. These things clearly go against what God says in the Bible.



Our Bible reading continues with Week 59: Jeremiah 15 through Jeremiah 28.


God sends Jeremiah to the potter's house and has him watch the potter form a piece of clay. What lesson does God teach Jeremiah, and the people of Israel, from what the potter was doing?


The people of Israel kept asking for an oracle from God (an answer from God to their questions). God says Jeremiah should no longer mention the oracle of the Lord. Why does God tell Jeremiah not to do this?