In the Word

As we continue our two year program of reading through Today's Light Bible,

here are the answers to last weeks questions (Proverbs 10 through 21):


According to Solomon what does the fear of the LORD add to a person?


Solomon says that the fear of the LORD adds length to life (Proverbs 10:27).


In proverbs we read that a fool finds no delight in understanding. What does a fool delight in? What can we learn from this?


In Proverbs God tells us that a fool delights in airing his own opinions. Some things we can learn from this: Taking delight and airing our opinions can lead us into foolish behavior. Instead of speaking our opinions it would be better to speak the word of God.



Our Bible reading continues with Week 51: Proverbs 22 through Ecclesiastes 2.

Here are the questions for this week.


What does God say is more desirable than great riches and better than silver and gold?


In chapters 1 and 2 of Ecclesiastes Solomon start out saying everything is meaningless. After making that point what four specific things does Solomon go on to say are meaningless?