In the Word

As we continue our two year program of reading through Today's Light Bible,

here are the answers to last weeks questions:

Compare Revelation 16:15 to Luke 12:35-40. What are both of these passages speaking about? What is the "clothing" that is spoken about in both of these sections of scripture?

Being alert and prepared for Jesus return on Judgement Day. The "clothing that is spoken of in both of these sections of scripture is the clothing of Jesus righteousness that believers receive when they come to faith.

At the wedding of the Lamb what does the "fine linen" represent that is given to the bride?


The "fine linen" that is given to the bride of the Lamb represents the righteous acts of the saints of God (Revelation 19:8).

Our Bible reading continues with Week 105: Revelation 20 through Revelation 22.


On Judgement Day what will be used to judge all the people to determine where they will spend eternity?

In his vision of heaven after the Last Day, what strange sight does John see on both sides of the river of life?